Tour of Treviso and Bassano del Grappa

Medieval town and Prosecco hills

An unforgettable tour that combines the pleasures of the beautiful hills of Treviso and its picturesque landscapes and places with an exciting gastronomic experience to discover the most popular local product of the moment: prosecco and wine paired with meats, cheeses and other “cicchetti” typical of the area.

The tour takes place from Venice to Valdobbiadene, to take a guided tour of a prestigious local winery.

After enjoying the history, characteristics and methods of production and preservation of an extraordinary product, there is the opportunity to taste different wines (with bread, meat, cheese, pastries and fruit).

On request, it is possible to have lunch in a restaurant in Treviso with excellent local wines (not only Prosecco but also Cabernet, Passito, Merlot) or visit the “Grappa Museum” in Bassano del Grappa.