Dolomites tour

Discovering Cortina, the pearl of the Dolomites

Departing from Venice, we will cross the wonderful path that crosses the Dolomites to get to Cortina, the pearl of the Dolomites. Among the wonders that you will admire there will be the largest park in Cadore: Lake Misurina the largest lake in Cadore, at a height of 1,754 meters. Here, you will immerse yourself in a breathtaking scenery: an endless stretch of water, surrounded by mountains that are reflected in the blue of the lake, from here you will see the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, three of the most important peaks of the Alps.

After Tre Cime we will pass by Lake Auronzo, also known as Lake Santa Caterina. Completely artificial, it was built to embank the Ansiei river. With its large surface, it offers a beautiful view, between the mountains, benches kissed by the sun where you can stop to spend some time. This is the precious treasure that will fill your eyes and that will accompany you during your return to Venice.