Exclusive services tailored to our customers

International Limousine Service from 2013 has decided to devote part of its commitment to the growth of a travel agency that could develop ad hoc solutions for its customers.

Body Guard

We put your safety first by using the best professionals in the industry.

City Tour

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover all the most fascinating corners of the most beautiful city in the world.

Personal Shopper

Entrust yourself to our shopping professionals, discover the most exclusive artisan workshops of Venice!

Helicopter and private jet flights

Reach your destinations in a flash and in maximum comfort.

Tour with accredited guide

There are places whose history, art and culture deserve to be handed down by specialized professionals.

Accompaniment on land during cruises

Let us guide you through the streets and squares to discover the true essence of the city of Venice.

DHL Official Service Point

Whether you’re traveling or at home, have everything you need sent directly to our offices!