Prosecco Tour

The Veneto in a glass of wine

Close your eyes, inhale the fragrance and, with slow and precise sips, enjoy the taste. The good wine of Valpolicella never lies.

The winery tours of the International Limousine Service will accompany our guests through the discovery of the ancient bond between the hills of Valpolicella and wine. A journey into the architectural richness of the area, adorned with Venetian villas of great value and extraordinary landscapes, to its most famous wineries.

The Bortolomiol winery, born from the commitment of Giuliano Bortomiol who, after the war, gradually recovered the abandoned vineyards in which Prosecco was grown since 1500.

The Canevel wineryl, founded by the appraiser Mario Caramel at the end of the 1970s, which integrates the entire production chain, from the selection and care of the vineyards to the vinification and sparkling process.

The Masi winery, owned by the Boscaini family for over 200 years, ancient guardian of the technique of drying grapes used since the time of the Roman Empire.

The Fratelli Vogadori family winery is a worldwide reference point for the production of Amarone.

To taste the wines of Valpolicella and know the details of our winery tours, you can contact our multilingual team every day of the year, 24 hours a day.