Tour of the Venetian Villas

A journey to discover classicism

The tour extends visiting the Riviera of Brenta, the magnificence of Padua, and the elegant Vicenza, we are talking about one of the most exciting artistic and architectural routes of our country, along which you can admire the famous Venetian Villas, the beautiful works of Palladio, the frescoes of Giotto and Mantegna and other works of Christian iconography in churches and spectacular basilicas that enclose all the splendor of art that has made Italy the most admired country in the world.

Starting from Venice (Piazzale Roma), we will travel along the Riviera del Brenta, visiting the beautiful Villa Pisani in Strà and admiring the many other places that testify to the prestige of the Republic of Venice at its height.

In Padua, you can admire the enchanting Piazza of the Erbe and Meadow of the Valley and visit the beautiful Basilica of St. Anthony Sant’Antonio, the Scrovegni Chapel and the Church of the Hermits; masterpieces of world art that alone were worth it.

In Vicenza we will immerse ourselves in the elegance and magnificence of one of the greatest geniuses of world architecture: Andrea Palladio. The city abounds with unmistakable traces of its majestic production, such as the Palladian Basilica, the Olympic Theatre and, the city gates, one of its most recognized “symbols” in the world: Villa Almerico Capra called La Rotonda.

Also Marostica, with its famous Piazza degli Scacchi, or Bassano del Grappa, famous for the Ponte Vecchio on the river Piave and the production of Grappa, or Asolo, a charming medieval village on the hills between Vicenza and Treviso.